The X-1 Concept CarXWorks Automotive launch their 350+ bhp 4WD 2 seater

XWORKS Automotive based in Dudley launch their prototype X-1. weighing in at only 1,180kg and between 350 and 500bhp on offer this 4WD coupe promises to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! The X1 Concept Car uses a unique carbon composite technology for the manufacture of the cars passenger cell. Attached to this are lightweight aluminium and carbon subframes carrying the drivetrain components. The composite technology provides an incredibly stiff platform and also helps keep the cars weight down to a lightweight 1180kg.

The X-1 Concept CarThe X-1 Concept CarCombined with the race honed chassis and phenomenal 4 cylinder turbo charged 350 bhp engine, this provides truly electrifying performance. Tuning options of up to 500 bhp are of course available, Recaro CS seats are fitted as standard. There is also a 1000 kg competition version planned for those increasingly popular track days or outright competition use.

Contact XWorks for more details.

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