Polybush: Fiesta Rear Beam Bushes

Rear Beam Bush Failure Was Commonplace On The MK7 Fiesta And It’s The Same On The MK8!

The failure bush, part of 2313932 the cracks on the outer plastic, the centre tube then rips from the voided rubber middle, this allows play in the bush resulting in unwanted steering movement, vibration, noise and uneven tyre wear, that affects passenger comfort and potentially damaging other critical suspension components.

No More Rubber, No More Failure!

How Polybush 40CN Benefits Your Ford Fiesta Mk8

Enhanced Handling: Reduced chassis flex and body roll lead to more precise steering and better control during cornering.

Increased Responsiveness: Feel more connected to the road, enhancing your driving experience, especially in spirited driving situations.

Durability: Built to withstand harsh conditions, ideal for daily commuting to track days, ensuring consistent performance.

Reduced Maintenance: Significantly lower maintenance costs compared to rubber bushings, as this lasts longer and requires less frequent replacement.

Factory Comfort Retained: Designed with the original durometer rating, striking the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

Is It Easy To Fit?

Simple Installation: The 40CN can be fitted with the axle still on the car, using basic hand tools, making replacement hassle-free.


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