Say Goodbye to Leaky OE Diverter Valves with the Kompact EM Series

Are you tired of dealing with a leaky OE diverter valve that’s causing you endless headaches? Well, you’re in luck because we have the perfect solution for you! Turbosmart proudly presents the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valves, the world’s first genuinely plug-and-play replacement for your factory electronic diverter valve. Say goodbye to those common faults associated with plastic factory valves and embrace the incredible benefits of the Kompact EM Series.

The Boost-Balance Valve Design:

The Kompact EM Series Diverter Valve is designed with innovation in mind. It features the groundbreaking Boost-Balance Valve Design, which means more boost equals a better seal. This innovative technology ensures that your diverter valve performs optimally under varying conditions, providing a consistent and reliable boost control. Say farewell to boost leaks and hello to improved performance!

Built to Last:

Quality matters, and the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valve is built to last. Constructed from robust billet aluminum, these diverter valves are engineered for durability and longevity. No more worrying about cracked or worn-out plastic valves causing problems in your engine. With the Kompact EM Series, you can trust that your vehicle’s performance is in good hands.

High-Temperature O-Rings:

We understand that your vehicle can get hot under the hood, and that’s why we’ve equipped the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valve with high-temperature O-rings. These O-rings can withstand the heat and pressure, ensuring a secure and reliable seal even in the most demanding conditions. It’s all about performance and peace of mind.

OE Integration and Fitment:

Worried about compatibility? Rest assured that the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valve seamlessly integrates with your OE setup. Our engineers have designed these diverter valves with OE fitment in mind, making installation a breeze. No need for complicated modifications or custom parts – just plug and play!

Plumb Back and DualPort Options:

We understand that every vehicle and driver is unique. That’s why we offer the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valves in both Plumb Back and DualPort configurations. Whether you prefer the classic plumb-back style or the versatility of a dual-port design, we’ve got you covered. Choose the option that suits your driving needs and preferences.

Wide Range of Vehicle Applications:

One size doesn’t fit all, and we get that. The Kompact EM Series Diverter Valves are available for Toyota, VW, Ford, BMW and many more vehicles. No matter what you drive, you can enjoy the benefits of improved boost control and performance. From daily drivers to high-performance vehicles, the Kompact EM Series has a solution for you.

Don’t let a leaky OE diverter valve hold back your vehicle’s performance any longer. Upgrade to the Kompact EM Series Diverter Valve from and experience the world’s first genuinely plug-and-play replacement that offers a Boost-Balance Valve Design, robust billet aluminum construction, high-temperature O-rings, OE integration, and fitment, Plumb Back and DualPort options, and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle applications. It’s time to elevate your driving experience and say goodbye to boost leaks for good. Visit today and unleash the full potential of your vehicle!

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