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A WPC is an authorised specialist tuner extensively trained and set up to recommend, sell, fit and tune WHITELINE’s quality range of suspension product. As with the high complexity of chassis set ups, merely purchasing the product is not enough these days and the ability to service you with technical advice, installation and tuning is where we recognise the opportunity to differentiate our products and services from the rest.


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For those new to Whiteline, the brand graces a number of performance suspension components that work hard to deliver real results and performance outcomes for vehicles and motorists the world over. Whiteline’s primary focus was initially delivering ‘bang for your buck’ handling gains from the simplicity of an anti sway bar. But over the years, the expertise, the knowledge, the reputation and the products have grown since progressed to include additional offerings such as the range of infamous anti lift/caster kits, roll centre adjuster kits, adjustable control arms, camber kits, strut and chassis bracing.
Whiteline products are developed up by qualified and willing group of dedicated enthusiasts who are trained in the company’s products and philosophy’s. The R & D department drives the company to constantly find new and innovative solutions to suspension and handling problems. Be it conventional autocross, circuit, drags, drifting or road rally Whiteline has the products and practical experience to maximise the potential of your road/race car. And even if its only to sharpen the handling of your daily driver car, this race experience guarantees a quality, tested and tuned outcome using Whiteline products.

Contact details:

ABP Motorsport, Crewe.  01270 567177 |  Web: www.abpmotorsport.co.uk | Email:sales@abpmotorsport.co.uk

EARS Motorsport Macclesfield. 01625 433733 | Web: www.ears.co.uk | Email: sales@ears.co.uk

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