TEIN imitation Spring

TEIN Recently released this warning for customers – Please read.


Dear valued TEIN Distributors/Dealers,

Seeking Your Attention for and Assistance in Information Diffusion Regarding Low-Quality Imitation Products First, we would like to thank you for your continuous support to TEIN. As many of you might already be aware, lots of poor-quality low-down springs, imitating TEIN springs, are available on the market everywhere nowadays, at dirt-cheap prices.

Those fake springs may be affordable pricewise; however their performance and durability are far much less than satisfactory and such products pose serious threats to automotive aftermarket industry in various ways. Immediate and strong action against such counterfeit products needs to be taken. We have obtained one of those shoddy springs and compared with TEIN spring designed for the exact same vehicle model.

We have filmed the durability test scenes and made short movies in 4 different languages.
These are now available on our YouTube channel. We have tested both TEIN and imitation springs, under the same conditions and standards. After only 200,000+ strokes, the fake spring got broken.

This result shows that counterfeit springs lack durability, have no consideration for the safety and are extremely hazardous. On the other hand, TEIN spring showed absolutely no sign of abnormality. You can see that TEIN products meet the high quality standards to withstand various road conditions all over the

All TEIN products are put to the vast numbers of tests, for strength and durability. We assure you that you can promote and sell TEIN high-quality products with peace of mind that only those which passed all the tests go into the market.

Short Movies in 4 Languages on YouTube

 English Durability Test : http://youtu.be/jGbbmMyu8U0

 Thai การทดสอบความคงทน : http://youtu.be/ZhhDm16yUKE

 Chinese 耐久性试验 : http://youtu.be/JAQHkfY1OaQ

 Japanese 耐久性試験 : http://youtu.be/pKhWt8-cXgo

To reach out to as many end users as possible, we made these movies available to the
public on YouTube and are showing on our SNS accounts.

We kindly ask you to spread the word as widely as possible, using your websites and SNS

We appreciate your kind cooperation in efforts to eliminate dangerous shoddy fake

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