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GT1000 main

HKS have increased their product list for the awesome GT-R R35.

New items added to the portfolio are:

  • GT1000 Full Turbine Kit
  • GT1000 Intercooler Kit
  • 4.1L Capacity Upgrade Kit
  • 3SX Muffler
  • Racing Extension Kit
  • Actuator Upgrade Kit
  • High-Flow Surge Tank

GT1000 Full Turbine Kit – 11003-AN013 – £15,540.00 inc vat

HKS is challenging for the high performance concept of HKS R35 GT series. And we have set the goal of 1000 horse power with GT1000! For the extream power and performance, the GT800 design of “symmetrical layout” has succeeded to the new GT1000.

11003-AN013 14020-AN006turbo

  • GT1000 has succeeded ideal design of “symmetrical layout” of GT800. And HKS has tuned-up and newly designed in all little detail for precision, strength and heat-persistence. The new GT1000 provides effective boost control and prevents from exhaust loss.
  • For effective intake and exhaust flow, HKS has newly redesigned original suction pipe and chamber pipe for the new GT1000.
  • Our proven technology “heat-resistence cast” was employed in exhaust manifold which provides high resistance in the heat and vibration.
  • GT II is employed for wastegate of GT1000 which is very small and light and still has secure boost control.

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 GT1000 Intercooler Kit – 13001-AN015 –  £3,942.00 inc vat

13001an015 p1

The intercooler is very important for forced induction tuning and HKS has developed new big type for GT1000 full turbine kit.

  • We have designed the intercooler for best balance of left-right bank cooling and pipe layout for the same as vertical flow stock design. The core front surface is maximum size as stock type layout. And the thickness of core is 100mm(stock=65mm) which provides less air flow pressure loss for the 1000ps.

  • We have designed the intercooler layout design to be installed with the stock air guide (need some work). The air came in from the open bumper is all flowed into the core for the maximum cooling efficiency.

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4.1L Capacity Upgrade Kit – 21004-AN018 – £18,900.00 inc vat


HKS has developed an upgrade kit for the GT-R R35 in pursuit of more power!

Long awaited capacity upgrade kit is now available for user who needs more than the GT800+ spec. Designed with long stroke to gain low RPM torque which can be felt under normal driving conditions and better compatibility with larger turbos. Designed from multiple tests and analysis, this kit is proudly manufactured in Japan and consists of the highest quality billet components.

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3SX Muffler – 31025-AN006 – £10,140.00 inc vat


It’s always a challenge to acquire both quietness and high flow output. HKS Super Turbo Muffler gives both of these properties by incorporating inner slits in the tip and straight design silencers. To compliment the GT-R R35 with turbo upgrades we have developed a changeover valve system muffler. Depending on the exhaust flow, the flow channel can be changed to give more power and aggressive exhaust tone.

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Racing Extension Kit – 14018-AN004 – £858.00 inc vat


The Racing Extension included in the GT570 & GT600 Racing Package is now available seperately.

It’s high flow design is the best to use for race engines.

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Actuator Upgrade Kit – 14030-AN001


The actuator’s included in the GT570 & GT600 Racing Package are now available separately.

For use with light boost-up tuning and/or maintenance.

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High-Flow Surge Tank Full Kit – 13008-AN001 – £5,100.00 inc vat

13008-AN001 AN002 14007-AN004

HKS has newly developed this Surge Tank Kit with separate plenum tank and intake manifold. Using flow test data, this kit was designed to equalise intake air volume to each cylinder allowing for a more stable engine
output whilst accepting its presence in the engine bay. In consideration for the fuelling requirements for higher
power cars, Twin Injector Pro Kit was also designed including fuel rail and other components for the installation of additional injectors.

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