Performance Friction Two-Piece Floating ‘Direct Drive’ Brake Discs for Porsche

Performance Friction Two-Piece Floating ‘Direct Drive’ Brake Discs for PorscheEver since the disc brake was invented vibration and pulsation caused by thermal expansion has been a major issue giving rise to warped discs – until now…

With Performance Friction’s NEW two-piece floating Direct Drive Disc, the disc flange ‘floats’ in its fixings to the mounting bell, allowing radial and axial expansion of the disc without being constrained by the hub or bell.

PFC Two-Piece Floating ‘Direct Drive’ Front Discs are now avaiable for 1999-05 Porsche 996 C2, C4, Boxster S, and 997 (non S) and 2004-06 Porsche 996 GT3 and feature…

  • Exceptional manufacturing standards – Run out less than 0.0254mm
    Thickness variation less than 0.00762mm. Surface finishes less than .7 microns.
  • Dimpled slot pattern – developed from race technology – for quieter operation.
  • Patented ‘Direct Drive’ attachment system eliminates thermal judder.
  • Ready assembled 2-piece design includes aluminium bells for reduced weight.
  • When used in conjunction with Z rated fast road/track day pads, component life and on track performance markedly improved over competitors pads.

PFC Two-Piece Floating ‘Direct Drive’ Discs for Porsche are available from their UK distributors, Co-ordSport.

Prices start at £243.50 + VAT each.

Replacement discs only [without bells] are available at £153.41 each + VAT.

(PF Z-rated Carbon Metallic pads start at: Fronts: £147.50 + VAT, Rears: £129.30 + VAT)

Heat Dissipation


Performance Friction Brakes outperform the competition by more efficiently distributing heat for lower lap times, longer life and improved driver control (Left = Brembo, Right = PFC).


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