New Cusco parts for Lotus Exige

CUSCOJapanese suspension experts, Cusco, have developed a thicker, stronger anti-roll bar and quality roll cages for the Lotus Exige, to reduce body roll during hard cornering. Painted in Cusco blue and adjustable in 2 positions, these bars are a direct bolt-on unit. The OEM anti-roll bar measures 19mm in thickness, whereas the Cusco bar is 22mm, offering increased strength. Cusco anti-roll bars (also known as sway bars) are made using chrome molybdenum (chromoly), which is 33% lighter than an equivalent steel anti-roll bar.

The Lotus Exige Anti-roll bar from Cusco (LT1-311-AJ22) is available from Co-ordSport with a retail price of £329.16+VAT.

CIMG5093 CIMG5095 CIMG5097 CIMG5098

Cusco have developed a 4 point and 10 point roll cage for the Lotus Exige. CUSCO chromoly roll cages are 33% lighter than conventional steel cages. The bolt-in roll cages have strong, lightweight mounts carefully positioned for maximum vehicle rigidity, increased safety and performance.

The 10 point cage retails at £1,070+VAT (LT1-270-HW10) and the 4 point cage (LT1-270-HM) retails at £666.55+VAT.

CIMG5063 CIMG5068 CIMG5075 CIMG5076 CIMG5079 CIMG5087 CIMG5090

As well as these great new products, Co-ordSport also stock many other performance parts, such as lightweight alloy wheels from RAYS and limited slip differentials from Cusco and KAAZ to fit the Lotus Exige.

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