KAAZ DBE2010 LSDKAAZ LSD prices have been updated for 2011. Head on over to the KAAZ LSD page to download the latest price list in either XLS or PDF format.


Also we have updated the KAAZ LSDs on our PartBox website to make it easier for customers (or even dealers) to find the right LSD for a car and view product information.

Browse the Site

You can find KAAZ LSDs under the Transmission category. In that category, there are further categories for oil, repair parts and the actual LSDs:


Select the Vehicle

In the LSD category, you can use the dropdown menus to narrow the listings down to find the right LSD for your car:


Narrow the Results

Each time you change a menu it will refresh the listings. This does so without refreshing the whole page, meaning it is much quicker (you must have Javascript enabled in your web browser if it does not work). As you select a vehicle make/model, each part displayed will show the specifics of what vehicles it fits (limited to the vehicle you have selected).

You can use the ‘Refine Results’ box to search for specific words in the product title/description (e.g. 2 way) and sort by different options such as price or part number:


You can hover over, or click the little notes icons, which give the specifics of what standard diff they replace, tranmission specifics (e.g. 5MT) and whether it is for the front/centre/rear.

View Product Specifications

If you click the product, it opens the product info page, which now will show the specifications for that LSD, including the torque and ramp/cam angle:


View Vehicle Fitments

Also, the full table of vehicles the LSD fits are shown:


Check Stock Level

Also the standard things, such as images, part number, price and the stock level are displayed on the page. The stock level is updated on the hour from our internal stock systems, so the site can be used to check whether a certain part is in stock.


Throughout this year we will be improving our listings on other product lines and brands.

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