Important Notice regarding UK sales to EU

From 1 January 2021, goods sent from the UK to customers in the EU will be zero-rated for UK VAT as exports, and will be subject to import VAT on arrival in the EU member state where the customer belongs. This means that the customer will need to make arrangements to pay the import VAT before they can take delivery of the goods. (as we usually deliver by UPS, the customer will most likely settle the VAT and any duty/charges due with UPS).

We understand and agree that this is not ideal – Co-ordSport didn’t want to depart the EU, but our government was influenced by a slim majority of voters and their Right Wing colleagues and associates.

Co-ordSport is a Global Distributor of the best brands, aiming to provide the best service. We will do what we can to reduce the burden of this unfortunate situation.

European customers can still order from the UK, where we maintain the biggest stock, but you can also order from our Dutch and German companies, Co-ordSport BV and Co-ordSport GmbH.

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