Important HKS Price Increases (Effective October 1st 2016)

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Following the Brexit vote, recent changes in the economy and political environments making the British Sterling the weakest it has been against the Japanese yen since around 2012, HKS have been forced to increase the retail prices of their products. HKS have made every effort to not rush into making any cost changes but with the current situation showing no signs of immediate recovery the changes have to happen.

The new price list which can be found below is effective from October 1st 2016, with costs increasing on average of 27.06%. Until then, all HKS products will remain at their current price and can still be ordered/purchased at that cost up to September 30th 2016.

If you have any queries or concerns about this price increase then please contact us.

New Price List Download Here: xls HKS Updated Price List (October 2016)


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