HKS Super Turbo Muffler Exhaust for Nissan Skyline GT-R

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R34: 31029-AN003New from Japanese tuning experts HKS is the Super Turbo Exhaust Muffler for Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32, R33 and R34):

  • Achieving low back pressure with quiet Sound levels:
  • Suitable for stock power levels to high power vehicles with large turbo.
  • Low sound level for comfortable street driving.
  • Highlighting the distinct sound of the engine under acceleration

31029-an003-2RB Series features:

“From stock vehicle to high power vehicle over 600PS”

The exhaust pipe is Φ85 straight design which is suitable for power levels from stock to 600PS with upgraded turbo(s) (Connection flange to catalyser is Φ80 for compatibility with HKS Metal Catalyser.) There are no narrow sections in the main silencer or tail pipe which reduced exhaust gas back pressure.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R34: 31029-AN003The pipe layout is as straight as possible for ideal exhaust gas flow efficiency. Optimized layout of flanges enables as much road clearance as the stock muffler.

“Quiet and comfort sound level.”

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R34: 31029-AN003Exhaust sound was tuned for the following conditions, “Street”, “Idling”, “Driving in residential areas”, “Cold starting”, “High speed cruising” for both “comfort in the cabin” and “outside sound level”. Sound has been tuned to cut uncomfortable low frequency noise.

“The unique RB26 sound during acceleration.”

During acceleration, “The unique RB engine sound” can be heard at high rpm whilst being “quiet and comfortable” at low rpm during street driving.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R34: 31029-AN003With HKS Front Pipe and Metal Catalyzer, the sound level clears Japanese road safety regulations. (Actual sound level depends on setting and specification.)

HKS’ unique sound control technology, Slit tip !!

The inner slit shape of tip has silencer effect and it was designed with inspiration from an owl’s wing.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R34: 31029-AN003Owls fly without making a sound aided by the notch shapes of their wing tips that releases air to prevent drag and eliminate noise. With this idea, slits inside the tip of the muffler eliminates noise by approximately 2dB.

Sound level and frequency were analyzed both inside and outside the cabin so that it does not prevent conversations and would not cause noise problem outside. In addition, low frequency “drone” noise was reduced to prevent uncomfortable noise inside and outside cabin.

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R32: 31029-AN001The HKS super turbo mufflers for the Nissan R32, R33 and R34 Skylines are available to buy from Co-ordSport with a retail price of £745+VAT or buy online from our PartBox online shop using the links below:

HKS Super Turbo Muffler for R32: 31029-AN001


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