HKS Spark Plugs (for Mitsubishi Evo X, GTR, BMW Mini)

HKS Spark Plugs (for Mitsubishi Evo X, GTR, BMW Mini)M-Series Super Fire Racing plugs have been produced by HKS in collaboration with NGK.

These plugs utilise both Iridium and Platinum for maximum performance on the street, track days and in race applications.

Iridium is used as part of a 0.6mm diameter electrode core and platinum is used on the tip.

Iridium and platinum are used because of their durability and reliability.

On an average plug, a narrow core typically shortens the life span of a plug, but with the intense durability of iridium there is no sacrifice in longevity. The platinum tip can tolerate the high levels of compression and minor knocking without any deterioration.

Initially the M-Series plugs are available for the Mitsubishi Evolution (all models from 4 through to 10), all GTR models and the BMW Mini with more to follow and are available in different heat ranges. All plugs are avaliable separately.

HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs are recommended for smooth cold starting, fast response and acceleration.

HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs retail at £14.50 each plus VAT.

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