HKS Performance Parts and Tuning for the Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Honda CR-ZOur partners, HKS prove once again that they are at the forefront of aftermarket tuning by announcing the release of a range of parts for the Honda CR-Z hybrid car, available from Co-ordSport.

The CR-Z changed the image of the hybrid power car from a pure environmental concept to one which allows the driver to regain the “excitement of driving” whilst still being conscious of environmental factors. HKS looks to further enhance the “driving performance” of the CR-Z and bring aftermarket tuning to hybrid vehicles. The result was the production of several demo cars, including the “Green Monster” which is able to deliver high power outputs and great handling whilst maintaining environmental considerations.

The Honda CR-Z is the first hybrid sold in the UK with manual transmission, showing its sporting credentials. Drivers can switch between three driving modes, ‘econ‘, ‘normal‘ and ‘sport‘, depending on whether you wish to boost your enjoyment or economy on each trip out – or get the perfect mix of both.

HKS CR-Z GT Supercharger System

As part of the ongoing project to push the boundaries of sports car tuning, HKS have developed for the world’s first hybrid sports car, a supercharger kit which can work alongside the hybrid system.

CR-Z Supercharger CR-Z Supercharger

The smaller HKS GTS4015 was selected in order to be used with stock engine configurations. Capable of producing around 175PS* as a stock bolt on kit with additional injectors in the step 2 kit allowing for 200+PS* outputs.

CR-Z Supercharger Power Output Graph

* Power outputs based on in house testing during development. Actual results may vary. Kit must be fitted and calibrated by an HKS Europe approved HKS Powerwriter Dealer.

Step 1

Step 1 is designed to be a complete kit for the vehicle including all pipes and brackets and also intercooler. This kit uses stock injectors and is rated to produce around 170-175 (upper limit of stock injectors) This kit however contains an F-Con iS which has a base data for Japanese specification on it but should be adjusted for local conditions. This would require an F-Con Powerwriter to make the necessary adjustments. If this is likely to become an OEM deal for large number orders, we can look into finding a good setting and then supplying the kits with the modified data preinstalled. It is recommended that you also use the Muffler and a set of M40i plugs.

Cost: £2,985+VAT (part number 12001-AH001)

Step 2

Step 2 is much the same as step 1 but also includes a set of injectors and a larger inlet restrictor to allow for extra power. This targets 200ps as this is about the comfortable limit of the stock engine internals and clutch etc. The same as above applies regarding the F-Con also.

Cost: £3,445+VAT (part number 12001-AH004)

Step 3

Step 3 uses a larger Supercharger unit for high power gains but the kit we do is a “set up kit” which only contains the S/C bracket and S/C unit. Most items like piping and intercooler etc would have to be fabricated. The output would also go beyond the capacity of the stock engine so engine parts would be necessary. This kit would not contain any engine management parts so you would need to find your own solution for that also. I would not recommend this path to any dealers looking for an OEM package to boost power on their cars but could be done if they have capable engineers or if they are looking to build a one off demo car.

Cost: Please Enquire

Silent Hi-Power Exhaust for CR-Z

The small 100mm diameter rear silencer/muffler maintains ground clearance whilst being large enough to become the styling accent at the rear of the car. The silent chamber above the rear tailpipe reduces sound levels effectively without the need for any restrictive sections in the piping.

cr-z-exhaust-1 cr-z-exhaust-2 cr-z-exhaust-3 cr-z-exhaust-4

This upgrade is available as either a centre pipe and rear section kit or as rear section only.

Cost: £345+VAT (part number 32016-AH025 – rear section)
Cost: £585+VAT (part number 32016-AH026 – rear section and centre pipe)

Racing Suction Reloaded Intake Kit

This intake kit increases torque at all RPM ranges for an improved sports driving feeling. The Racing Suction kit includes an anodised engine louver.

Racing Suction Reloaded Racing Suction Reloaded

Racing Suction Reloaded kits take the concept of the Super Power Flow kits one step further. Although the standard air box, which causes most restriction in the intake system, is removed and replaced, the piping from the air box to the intake/turbo is often convoluted and restrictive. Racing Suction Reloaded kits address this problem by with a replacement aluminium intake pipe.

This pipe is designed individually to the Honda CR-Z. Pipe diameter, length and bend radius are all carefully considered in order to maximise response and power output.

Cost: £365+VAT (part number 70020-AH015)

Hipermax III Suspension

Designed and build with the concept “Sports Hybrid Vehicle”, this suspension kit is aimed for comfortable yet fun driving. Hipermax III is versatile enough to be used even with high grip radial tyres on street or circuit.

Honda CR-Z

Road handling performance was enhanced through a careful choice of spring rate and dampening settings whilst also paying attention to keep the car from feeling “heavy”.

Special anti roll bar links were designed to allow the roll bars to remain in the correct position even when the vehicle height is lowered, increasing the adjustment range.

Cost: £1,465+VAT (part number 80140-AH006)

GTS7040 Supercharger Kit

For maximum power output, GTS 7040 Supercharger setup kit provides some of the essential components to fit the larger HKS GT7040 Supercharger and achieve power outputs in excess of 300PS* HKS’ latest demo car, the “Green Monster” is equipped with this same kit and has undergone extensive testing at over 285PS* with dyno tests showing capacity for over 300PS*

CR-Z GTS Supercharger CR-Z GTS Supercharger CR-Z GTS Supercharger

Cost: Please Enquire (part number 12001-AH003)

*Power outputs based on in house testing during development. Actual results may vary.

Pistons and Rods for CR-Z

Test at HKS Japan have shown that the standard engine is able to withstand approximately 200PS* although durability will become an issue if frequently used at this output such as on the circuit or hard driving for long periods.

cr-z-piston-1 Con Rod Set for CR-Z

HKS has developed a piston and rod kit which can increase the capacity of the engine to withstand over 300PS*.

Cost: £995+VAT (part number 21004-AH001)

*Power outputs based on in house testing during development. Actual results may vary.

Uprated Head Gaskets

Head Gaskets CR-Z Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Designed to support the piston and connecting rod kit, this head gasket is available in two different thicknesses. 0.8mm and 1.2mm for reduced compression when running with higher boost levels of the supercharger. These head gaskets also include a thicker exhaust manifold gasket which is designed to withstand the higher exhaust gas temperatures which would be involved when using a supercharger.

Cost: £145 (t=0.8, part number 23009-AH001)
Cost: £145 (t=1.2, part number 23009-AH002)

Cusco CR-Z Performance Aftermarket Parts


Tuning experts Cusco have also got a range of performance parts developed and available for the CR-Z hybrid.

The current product line-up includes: roll cages, front strut brace, anti-roll bar, additional rear brace, rear strut brace, lower arm bar and Sport ZERO1 adjustable height coilover kit.

They have also developed a Competition ZERO3 and Sport ZERO3S coilover suspension kit.

More information to come soon.

RAYS Lightweight Forged and Cast Wheels

RAYS in Japan have a selection of forged and cast wheels available to fit the Honda CR-Z. Please enquire for pricing and availability. The range available includes:

Forged: VR.G2, TE37SL
Cast: 57Ultimate, 57Ultimate SC-Spec, 57G

The picture below shows a CR-Z fitted with the SC-Spec 57Ultimate, RAYS lightest ever cast wheel:

Honda CR-Z fitted with RAYS 57Ultimate SC-Spec cast wheels

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