HKS Nissan 350Z supercharger kit

HKS Nissan 350Z supercharger kitAvailable from Co-ordSport, the HKS Nissan 350Z supercharger kit is aimed at providing around 360hp under standard conditions. By removing the restrictor from the housingand upgrading the fuel injectors, you could probably see up to about 400hp and even more still if you change the pulley from the stock 95mm to something smaller.

With ARP fasteners, K1 rods and Wiseco pistons and now Deatsch Werks fuel injectors available from Co-ordSport for the 350Z, 400hp+ is easily achievable.

The next generation forced induction system “GT SUPERCHARGER” is newly developed “Torque reaction traction drive type” centrifugal supercharger. The kit will provide quick acceleration response without lag and linear torque characteristic at low and middle rpm.

The centrifugal supercharger has the advantage of low noise, as well as being lightweight and compact.

Traction Drive does not produce noise as there is no overdrive gear of ordinal centrifugal type that makes noise. Since the system can increase overdrive ratio, the compressor size can be smaller, leading to a more compact unit.

Torque reaction types use a wedge effect that has pressure in proportion to transfer torque. It is durable and efficient at low load condition that enables good fuel consumption with the economical and environment friendly forced induction system.

Compact forced induction system with Traction Drive

Supercharger Diagram

Injectors and fuel pump are not included. The main items included in the kit are:

  • GT Supercharger Unit
  • Super Power Flow
  • Intercooler
  • Suction Pipe
  • Brackets
  • Chamber Piper
  • Pulley Belt
  • Relief Valve
  • Traction Oil Cooler
  • Traction Oil Tank
  • Traction Oil

All fuelling and management items are to be supplied separately. The kit has a retail price of £3,285+VAT.

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