HKS GT Extension Kit for Lancer Evolution X


A key item in controlling exhaust gas pressure is born using knowhow gained from the HKS SZ200S (CZ4A), the HKS GT Extension Kit CZ4A Lancer Evolution X is designed to extract maximum performance from the stock turbo.

A flexible joint used for the extension elbow and front pipe in order to increase durability.

The stock turbo is small, giving good low speed response but at higher rpm, exhaust gas flow resistance increases and hinders performance and feel.

14019-AM002An uncompromising design improves boost spooling at lower speeds whilst delivering more power and torque at high rpm.

The extension elbow piece is CAD designed to maximise exhaust efficiency in the limited space available due to the size of the stock turbo outlet. The complicated design was realised by using lost wax casting methods which carries other benefits such as the absence of welding, where cracking can occur due to high temperatures. Lost wax casting also benefits from a smooth surface finish which further enhances efficiency.

14019-AM002Turbo outlet design separates the exhaust gases from the turbo blades and the swing valve in order to reduce the resistance generated when the two streams interfere with each other.

In order to maintain the kits compliance for road use, the extension elbow and front pipe are attached with a flexible joint so that engine vibration can be absorbed increasing durability. In the event of exhaust collision with the ground or similar, damage to the engine and turbo are minimised.

Extension elbow volume is increased by 25% whilst cross sectional area of the outlet is increased 10%. Exhaust gas back pressure is reduced by approximately 20% with improved power and torque throughout the rev range.

The HKS GT Extension Kit for Lancer Evolution X (part number 14019-AM002) is available to buy from Co-ordSport at a retail price of £535+VAT or buy online from our PartBox online shop.

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