Ford Focus (00-04, inc. RS) Lightweight Flywheel

fidanza-flywheel-focusFidanza can now offer a lightweight flywheel for the 200-2004 Ford Focus (including Focus RS, but not ST170) – part number 186991.

The lightweight flywheel offers quicker ‘spin-up’ after gear changes.

Retail price £295.50 (+ VAT). Buy online today.

The flywheel comes complete with a heat-treated ring gear and military-grade fasteners. Fidanza flywheels can be paired with almost any clutch disc material available – from organic to Kevlar® and even sintered iron.

Fidanza flywheels are made from lightweight, high-quality, machined 6061 T6 aluminium, and have a durable, high-carbon 1050 steel friction surface with CNC-machined fastener holes and chamfers.

When the time for replacement does finally come, the high carbon 1050 steel friction surface can be unbolted from the T6 billet aluminium flywheel and replaced separately to save having to buy a whole new flywheel.

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