Focus RS and ST Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit

KCA428 Anti-Lift KitWhiteline has added to its range of Anti Lift Kits with a new offering for the 2005+ Ford Focus models including the RS MKII and Mazdaspeed3/ Mazda MPS Generation 1 models. Part # KCA428 is designed to replace the front control arm rear mounted bushing (refer schematic below) with a light weight aluminium housing matched with high performance/ low compliance chassis control bushings.

KCA428 provides added static caster to both front wheels by 0.5 deg (RS Focus) or 1 deg (Non RS Focus), while changing the nature of front anti dive.

The low compliance bushing eliminates the soft non-responsive feel felt from the OEM fluid filled bushing and maintains more positive caster control during hard braking and cornering.

By changing the front control arm geometry, the new high tensile alloy mounts, coupled with the new low compliance bushings, change front suspension attitude to improve driver feel, feedback and confidence.

The additional positive caster coupled with the new elastomer bushings supplied, serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response, forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner due to the reduced bushing compliance.

What’s this Anti Stuff all about?

“Anti” features in suspension systems are a characteristic that can be used to influence the stiffness of the front or rear suspension under traction forces(under braking or accelerating). The individual terms are relatively straightforward and self-explanatory with the “anti” reducing or totally restricting the characteristic (lifting or diving). In the front suspension there may be levels of anti-dive during braking and anti-lift during accelerating (assuming traction to the front wheels is present). This unique kit utilises a two piece bushing for compliance and ease of installation. It is greased after installation to ease fitment and promote longer life.


The KCA428 kit is priced at £147.90+VAT. Enquire for trade prices.

You can also purchase the kit from our PartBox online shop: Whiteline Focus MK2 ST / RS Anti Lift Kit

Fitting instructions can be downloaded on the PartBox site.

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