Ex-Official USA Team Open Class car for sale

Ex-Official USA Team Open Class carMitsubishi Evolution Open Class Rally Car – Specification

Built using a Mitsubishi Evolution standard LHD car as a base

Shell ACS modified shell to make strong & light. Comprehensive T45 Safety Cage. Wheel clearance maximised. Shot blasted, etch primed and repainted shell. Fitted hard line brake tubing and Aeroquip fuel lines etc. Aircraft spec. wiring system and switchgear, incorporating GEMS colour display (Data logging for engine and transmission).

Ex-Official USA Team Open Class carEngine Engine built to Open Class specification incl. Turbo restrictor(40mm for USA/34mm for Europe/FIA). GEMS ECU inc software configured for specific fuel and data logging. Stainless/ceramic coated Exhaust System, with catalyser. Specially designed/developed intake system, incorporating carbon air box, silicone hoses, aluminium intercooler pipes. Aluminium radiator/SPAL fans. Ralliart oil intercooler/oil filter system, mounted to bulkhead.

Suspension Dynamics Shock Absorbers inc. Springs/Platforms (3 way adjustable), with extra travel and aluminium/uniball top mounts. Hard bushes installed (90 Shore). Uniball/ adjustable rear toe links.

Ex-Official USA Team Open Class carEx-Official USA Team Open Class carTransmission Dog type 5 speed gearbox. Special Front Limited Slip Differential. Active Centre Differential/ Modified Rear Differential, with lightened mountings. Short-throw gearchange lever, on raised tower Co-ordSport twin plate Competition Clutch, with hydraulic release system. GEMS ECU controlling Active Centre Differential (data is logged and displayed on co-driver monitor). Uprated ACD pump, relocated in cockpit (aeroquip lines). Combined fluid reservoir for ACD & steering systems.

Brakes Competition AP Brake calipers (w/shields) and discs Performance Friction Pads Fabricated pedal box, with bias adjustment Hydraulic handbrake

Ex-Official USA Team Open Class carAlso available is a list of other modifications and parts.

Please e-mail if you require any further information tcope@coordsport.com

Information can also be found on news.rally3.com

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