Evo X Dog Gear Kit

KAPS Evo X Dog KitNew from transmission experts, KAPS, the Evo X Dog Kit has been designed with a revoultionary combined shifting finger and blockation component. It allows for the smoothest and quickest shifting Evo X dog kit on the market today. Experience for yourself why KAPS Transmissions is the leader in gearbox technology.

  • Dog ring technology
  • Wider and stronger gears
  • High strength shift rods
  • Latest heat treatment process technology
  • Every part is coded for easy identification

With every opportunity given, KAPS look to enhance the strength of every part of the transmission, whether it be the gears, shift rods, locking mechanisms or even the bearings. Moreover, KAPS Transmissions produce a number of extra critical parts that are supplied with their kits compared to other manufacturers, who use parts from the standard series transmission.

By including these small, but vital components of a transmission in the kit, it can make the difference between 1st place and a DNF; KAPS never compromise on quality.

Gear Kit Includes

  • Input Shaft
  • Output Shaft
  • 1st – 5th Gears with dog rings
  • Final Drive
  • Selector Rods
  • Selector Forks
  • Complete shifting components with revolutinary combined Shifting Finger and Blockation mechanism
  • Complete Reverse gear components
  • Full Bearings and Needle Roller Bearings kit
  • Kit is supplied in assembly position
  • FIA Homologated for group N

KAPS Evo X Dog Kit evo-x-dog-kit-2 evo-x-dog-kit-3 evo-x-dog-kit-4 evo-x-dog-kit-5

Gear Ratios Available

Chart and Table of Gear Ratios Available


Patented Technology

KAPS Transmissions dog kits contain the latest in shifting advancements. Our unique patented system for dog engagement replaces the 50 year old methods employed by other manufacturers and has proved successful with the results from our customers. For homologated classes, the shift lever must remain, but the distance the shift lever must move to engage the gear can be shortened. KAPS Transmissions’ design enables the driver shorter gear shifts, thereby enabling quicker stage times. According to our measurements the time saving between the synchronous and our dog-box transmission is approximately 0.2 second per kilometre, which means 40 seconds to the credit per 200 km of speed tests.

The geometry of the tooth curve is designed as special circle system which provides lower rolling-resistance force and higher strength – this means lower power losses and decreased noise.


Available for £5,950+VAT, the Evo X Dog Box Gear Kit is the smoothest and quickest shifting Evo X dog kit on the market today.

Contact us for more information and to place orders. Enquire for trade discounts.

Alternatively, buy online safely and securely from our PartBox online shop with free delivery within the UK and EU:

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