EGR Styling Products – The Shape of the Future

Co-ordSport has been appointed as a distributor of the high quality product range for the UK. We believe that it sets a new standard in quality for the body styling industry. All products are made of high impact ABS plastic and are made to OE specification. This guarantees a quality fit.

The wheel arch kits are unique in their no drill fitment, also with the added bonus just a quick clean and they can take a topcoat of paint. The range includes lamp covers, side window and sunroof deflectors, leading edge stone chip guards and body kits.

We have 44,000 Sq Ft of warehouse stocked with a range of products, so whatever the car we have a product to suit. If you require a full comprehensive list of the EGR range please call the Sales Department.

 Ford Focus Body KitFord Focus Body Kit - Rear

Ford Mondeo Body Kit Ford Mondeo Body Kit - Rear

Subaru WRX Body Kit

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