Cusco Front LSD for Mitsubishi Evo X

Cusco Front LSD for Mitsubishi Evo XCo-ordSport – as official Cusco distributors – are now offering performance Limited Slip Differentials for the latest Mitsubishi Evo 10 (CZ4A).

Two main types are available… the RS type and the MZ type.

The RS uses coil springs for preload, and is softer and more progressive making it suitable for fast road and track day use.

The MZ uses Belville cone springs, and has quite a strong reaction making it more suitable for full competition use.

There are then further choices available… standard or large capacity, 1 way or 1 and 1.5 way.

1way operates only on acceleration. It is easier on the transmission, especially when using an active centre diff – as the LSD can upset the active control if it is too strong.

1.5 way LSD is also effective on acceleration, but also has a reduced effect on deceleration.

Prices start at £704.25+VAT for the RS type and £619.48+VAT for the MZ.

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