COBB Tuning: New HASP-less Accesstuner Pro Software Coming Soon!

New HASP-less Accesstuner Pro Software Coming Soon!

COBB Protuners,

We are excited to announce progress towards a HASP-less Accesstuner Pro (ATP) software suite! Very soon, we will be releasing ATP for Nissan GT-R with other tuning suites to follow. Please keep an eye on your emails for release dates and download information.

The initial release of the new ATP for GT-R will be an open Beta. This means that both the current HASP version of the software and the HASP-less version will work simultaneously. During the Beta period, we will send an email asking for specific feedback on how you use the software and if you encountered any bugs.

The HASP-less Accesstuner Pro software will require an active software subscription, payment on file with COBB, and your login credentials. If you’ve yet to set-up your credentials, have an inactive subscription, or don’t have payment on file with COBB, please contact us: or contact COBB themselves directly:

The HASP-less software will only work on one computer at a time and it will work offline for 7 days. After that point, it will require an internet connection to function again. For multiple computers or for use on a new computer, you will need to contact

The software will not work on Windows XP or Vista (or older operating systems). Again, please keep a close eye on your email for more updates and when you can download the software! If you have any other questions, please let COBB’s dealer support team know:

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