Closure of Ralliart

Unfortunately, we have just been informed that due to the difficult economic situation Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has decided that Ralliart Inc. in Tokyo will cease operations and close at the end of this month, and all Ralliart staff will be made redundant from the end of next month. It is not yet clear what will happen to all the independent Ralliart family members and Distributors/Teams of Ralliart around the globe.

This sad news could have serious implications for your enjoyment and for the business of us and our dealers. It will definitely affect all Mitsubishi Ralliart and Evolution enthusiasts and competition competitors/teams. This could even mean the end of further Evolution models! Time will tell if MMC can justify developing further Evolution models, even Hybrid versions, as rumoured. Maybe this will increase the value of good used cars, so make sure you look after yours!

In the short to medium term, it will make a change in availability of Ralliart parts for enthusiasts and especially for the essential VO parts needed by FIA Group N teams. As always, Co-ordSport will try to help everyone where we can, where parts continue to be produced and are made available by MMC and others, we will continue to source them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our orders are through the Ralliart family and any parts that can not be supplied will not be charged or will be refunded.

We are recommending to everyone that needs/uses Ralliart parts to buy at least some basic stock of the regular parts. Please contact us to place orders.

The full Ralliart price list can be downloaded here.

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