Suzuki Swift – BMMC Curborough Sprint 29th August 2015

As The Part-Box Suzuki Swift progresses positively through the season. After the previous event at Curborough on the 12th July 2015, we decided to change the ECU from a DTA fast S60PRO which we were using to a Specialist Components Typhoon 2, reason being is the DTA fast S60PRO wa s not compatible with the VVT, so we are hoping to see a slightly different and hopefully better performance now the VVT is enabled with the Typhoon 2 ECU.

DTA S60PRO typhoon 2

Another exciting change for the Suzuki swift next year. We are currently having another engine built, which will be a 1.6l. It is going to be fitted with a new set of specially made AT Power throttle bodies, K1 Rod, Wiseco High Compression Pistons, a lightened / balanced and knife edged standard crank, Kelford Race Cams (230-c) 291 IN / 275 EX, king racing bearing, Cometic head gasket, monster sport oil pan baffle and a mishimoto oil cooler.


DSCF2143 DSCF2144 DSCF2145    DSCF2149DSCF2147DSCF2148




With the new engine we will be aiming to get around the 200BHP mark. All the tuning and engine building will be done by SW Motorsport who recently fitted the SQS Dog Box and Sequential shifter and mapped the current engine (Based in Scotland). The new engine is going to be using these existing parts, SQS Dog box with sequential shifter, Cusco Differential, Piper 4 branch stainless manifold / exhaust system, HKS Oil filter, Koyo Radiator, Cusco catch tank, AP Racing competition big brake kit, Cusco suspension, Whiteline anti-roll bars, Rays wheels, Sparco seats, TRS Harnesses and Cusco Roll cage


DSC_0392 DSC_0400 DSC_0444  DSC_0457  DSC_0512 DSC_0513






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