New RAYS 2017 Summer Catalog – Download Now!

Download the new RAYS 2017 Summer Catalog filled with a host of new products. Contact us to place an order. Please follow the link below to view/download the catalog.

Whether the demand is for a lightweight sports wheel or for more affordable wheels, we can assure you that RAYS have the wheels to suit your needs. We know from experience that RAYS are determined to effectively meet the challenge of even the toughest request.

The wheels are equipped to meet any kind of need. If you need large diameters, they already make a 22 inch cast rim, and for premium cars; 20 inch one-piece forged wheels!

Constructed to JWL+R standard – far exceeding the world standard of JWL. Volkracing Wheels, Gram Lights, G-Games, Nismo, Ralliart & TRD…….all made by RAYS Wheels!

RAYS Wheels, MADE IN JAPAN… Available in the UK & Europe.

Want a quote on a set of RAYS Wheels? Want to become a RAYS dealer? Get in touch with us and we will help you. We can ship RAYS wheels all over the world.

2017 continues the great season for RAYS as they release several new models and additions from their brands including Volkracing, Gramlights, Versus, Blackfleet, Daytona, Homura, and many more. Items range from one piece monoblock both forged and cast models as well as multi-piece wheels.

Download Summer Catalog Now

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