Worldwide Partners

In 2007 Co-ordSport established a new subsidiary in Germany, Co-ordSport GmbH. The Company is part owned and run by Brent Febrer, who is a British born car enthusiast, who has lived and worked in Germany for several years. The Company is based in the Mosel region, near to the famous Nurburgring race circuit. In 2011 Co-ordSport BV opened in the Netherlands.

Other agents include:

  • Czech Republic/Slovakia – MMT Performance
  • Denmark – Bruno Hansen
  • France – GL Racing / Urban Racing / Toghei Shop
  • Germany – Co-ordSport GmbH
  • Hungary –  Martin Auto (Driver: Laci Martin)
  • Japan – Carrosser Co. Ltd
  • Netherlands / Benelux – Co-ordSport BV
  • Scandinavia – JRM Racing AB
  • Poland – 4Turbo sp.z o.o
  • Portugal – Auto Pamplona, LDA
  • Russia – Atomic SportsCars
  • Spain – Union Gongar S.L.
  • Switzerland – J-Spec, Chip Racing
  • Ukraine – Diesel Service Performance

Additionally Co-ordSport has close links with Technical & Professional partners, such as Cosworth Ltd.

Co-ordSport Premises

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