Further Upgrades for our Mk7 Golf GTI

Continuing with the upgrades on our Mk7 Golf GTI Demo Car, we made the choice to finish upgrading the Exhaust System, pairing the Cobb Tuning Stainless System up with a Milltek Sport, Large Bore Downpipe and 200-CPSI High Flow Sports Catalyst (SSXVW397)

The Milltek Downpipe is a lot less restrictive than the stock unit, with a noticable de-restriction right where the pipe bends, just after the V-Band Flange and throughout the piping.

The whole Downpipe fits perfectly, using all the standard mounting points and 02 Sensor Port, making the fitment nice and straight forward.

With the complete Exhaust now flowing better than the standard setup, we are hoping to see a little over 300hp with this new Downpipe and also a small turn of the Steinbauer modules dial. Although this figure is yet to be confirmed on a Dyno (our last Dyno run saw 297hp)

Now that the Power levels are increasing, it would also make sense to begin upgrading the Brakes.

First up, a set of Stainless Steel Phantom Brake Hoses from Goodridge (SVW0630-4C)

These are a direct replacement for the standard Hoses, complete with all the right position mountings and new O-Rings.

Once fitted, the entire Brake System was flushed and bled with fresh DOT 5.1 AP Racing R Brake Fluid (CP4510-1)

This has given the Brake Pedal a much firmer and responsive feel, thus giving more confidence when braking, especially at speed.

All of these parts are available to order at Part-Box.Com

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