Setting the standard in additional performance technology.

STEINBAUER Performance is an innovative, brand-independent developer, manufacturer and global supplier of electronic components and additional modules for modern diesel and turbocharged gasoline engines. We engineer products for many automotive brands across the ranges of passenger cars, agricultural machinery, heavy-duty equipment, forestry machinery, trucks, pickups, vans, and motorhomes. With 20 years experience in the industry, we have developed a thorough understanding of engine control units for a wide range of brands and how to safely optimize increases in power and torque.

Starting from humble beginnings in the mid-’90s, we started with a clear vision to improve the performance of diesel engines. Wanting to avoid the pitfalls of competitor products that were focused on invasive tuning methods such as chip-tuning, flashing and pressure box technology, our vision was to develop a higher end product that used advanced programming based on the injection system, using an additional electronic plug and play principle.

Beginning with products for passenger vehicles that had modern diesel engines, success came with hard work and the determination to offer high quality, forward thinking products that were backed by world class customer service. This simple formula was realized and our business has continued to grow and evolve and now includes the most extensive application list for intelligent additional power modules available on the worldwide market today.

Using our expertise in additional electronic technology we also produce Vmax de-restriction, convertible roof control and electronic chassis lowering for the passenger car market. Our flagship product, the PowerModule, is produced for cars, commercial vans, heavy-duty trucks, agricultural machinery, boats and motorbikes — but if it has a modern diesel engine… then STEINBAUER has a module on one somewhere in the world.

For over 20 years, we have set the benchmark within our industry. Backed by a strong, professional network of distributors and dealers, STEINBAUER is currently available in over 30 countries.

Co-ordSport Become Official STEINBAUER Car Dealer

STEINBAUER Performance was born out of a passion and clear vision to improve aftermarket engine tuning products.

The Company’s focus was to avoid the pitfalls of other products based on invasive tuning methods, STEINBAUER went onto developing and pioneer the Intelligent Injection Duration Module.

With state of the art research, development and manufacturing facilities backed up by 20 years of experience, STEINBAUER remains the benchmark of innovation and expertise in the industry. Supported by a qualified worldwide dealer network in over 30 countries and a dedicated Head Office and the experienced team they are committed to serving and supporting our customers.

In their quest to increasingly provide a top level of service to the market, STEINBAUER has recently appointed Co-ordSport Limited as UK Car Dealer for their range of products including the STEINBAUER Power Module and Power Pedal.

STEINBAUER offer Power Modules for a wide range of popular vehicle applications. Given the background of our technology, we are constantly adding new products and applications. Among others, they include Alfa-Fiat, BMW & Mini, Citroen/Peugeot, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar-Land Rover, Jeep, Kia, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan-Infiniti, Opel, Renault, Subaru, Toyota, Porsche-VAG, Volvo and more. Power modules are developed and manufactured in-house in Austria.

Co-ordSport has been in service to the tuning and motorsports field for 28 years and sees the addition of STEINBAUER to their Portfolio of branded specialist products, as a natural progression, further enhancing the ultimate B2B service and technical support they provide to the UK and European tuning industry, with only the very best of proven products.


 STEINBAUER Fitting Information

 STEINBAUER Power Modules Information


 STEINBAUER 2017 Retail Price List

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I’m considering purchasing a Steinbauer Module No 220388 for my Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI Euro 5 car but would like to ask the following questions before I do:- (1). Is it possible to see a power / torque graph for a car / engine like mine fitted with this module? I want to see were the additional torque and horsepower takes place in the RPM range when compared to a standard car. I would not want to lose it’s current low down flexibility. (2). Am I likely to see an increase / decrease in fuel consumption on the combined cycle… Read more »

Hi please can you tell me if the steinbauer module would work along side a remap?

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