Polybush are a market leader in the manufacture of aftermarket suspension bushes to commercial, retail and military sectors, and the world leader in polyurethane suspension bushes and components.

Why Use Polybush?

Polybush polyurethane suspension bushes offer many advantages over standard bushes, including:Polybush Bushes for Evo 7, 8 and 9

  • Impressive and Confident Ride
  • Excellent Noise Damping
  • Sharper Turn in – Predictable Cornering
  • Controlled Suspension Movement
  • Reduced Body Roll
  • Designed & Engineered to Exact Specifications
  • Pure Materials, Immense Flexibility & Resiliance
  • Fit & Forget – Excellent Longevity

Polybush Fitting Instructions

All Polybush products are designed for durability and refinement. They are cleverly designed to be easy to fit and do not require any special tools. Follow the guidelines below and it will be a long time before you need to look at the bushes again.

Refer to the workshop manual of your vehicle for instructions on dismantling and reassembly.

The following guidelines relate only to fitting Polybush bushes.

Apply penetrating oil to nuts and bolts at least 24 hours before starting.

Obtain all the parts and equipment needed including new nuts and bolts (if rusted in, the old ones may be damaged during removal.)

Having removed the old bushes (refer to your manual), thoroughly clean their mounting.

Remove all rust, scale, oil and grease as these will reduce the life of the new bush

Use only soapy water or tyre soap to insert Polybushes.

This will dry making a tight fit, ensuring a long and trouble free lifespan. Your componenets are protected too!

Some Polybushes can be fitted by hand.

Examples include anti roll bar bushes and two part bushes.

Others will need a push to pop them into place.

You can use a vice or a “G” clamp. The DIY “one hand” clamps are excellent.
Use plenty of soapy water.

Repeat the procedure for the tube.

Cotton reel bushes are easy but with two part bushes you need to make sure the tube does not push the far half out.

If you are really struggling – a long bolt, nut and two large washers can be used to wind the bush into place.


Never be tempted to cut the bush in an attempt to make it easier to fit. This will weaken the bush and increase the likleyhood that it will fail.

Need Race/Rally Specification Suspension Bushes?

BB Polybush understand the differing needs of their customers when it comes to bushes. Whilst most customers are delighted with the popular Red Performance grade there are occasions when Black Performance grade is required to meet demanding race and rally specifications.
These bushes are not held as standard stock, but Polybush are happy to produce Black Performance grade at No Extra Charge.
All you have to do is place your order with us, give Polybush a couple of weeks lead time and the bushes to meet your race specification will be delivered to you door, it’s that simple!

Price Lists

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