Our Golf GTI gets the COBB Tuning touch.

For a good few years here at Co-ordsport, we have collectively had a pretty diverse selection of Cars at our disposal.

In the latest form, we are happy to introduce you to the newest addition to our fleet, our Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Complete with DSG Transmission and a 2.0ltr Turbocharged Engine, it’s the ideal base to feature some of the top brands we currently have to offer.

With a list of potential upgrade paths, we decided to keep things relatively simple, with some off the shelf modifications.

First up is COBB’s SF-Intake System (7V2100) This kit has been designed to reduce the pre-Turbo restrictions and unlike most other kits on the market, it includes its own custom, Wrinkle Black, Powder Coated Aluminium Airbox, with signature “COBB” Laser Etched Logo, reusable pre-Oiled Air Filter, 3” Silicone Intake Hose and Integrated Air Ducting.

Stock Intake system;

During Install;

After Installation;

Although this kit is listed for the USDM Golf, it still fits our RHD car the same. The only difference being the Water Drainage pipe fitting is a little larger between the US and UK models. We did however, manage to fit our UK versions drainage Pipe straight into COBBs Silicone Induction pipe, which seemed to work rather well!

Now that we have freed up some restrictions on the Intake system, it would be best to do the same on the Exhaust side to get those gases out of the way a little quicker.

So, to go hand in hand with the Intake Kit we decided to fit the COBB Tuning Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System (5V2100)

This system is made from a high quality 304 Stainless Steel, with dual 3” & 2.5” Piping, “COBB” Stamped Muffler and dual-walled 4” Tail Pipes with Laser Etched COBB Logos.

The Cat-Back System is compatible with either the stock or COBB Downpipe. However, after testing fitments of the USDM COBB Downpipe, it didn’t quite fit our UK spec Car, due to the position of the Steering Column.

We are hoping that there will be a Right-Hand drive COBB Downpipe available in the not too distant future.

Overall, the quality and fitment of these upgrades has been second to none and a real pleasure to fit.

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