When it comes to ignition leads / spark plug leads or wires, especially the high performance and racing variety, Magnecor are the leaders in quality, reliability and innovation backed up by technical support and personal service.
Magnecor’s Exclusive Metallic Inductance Suppressed Conductor will outlast the life of any engine. Magnecor lead sets are not manufactured just to be a service item. To further improve reliability some Magnecor leads use different connectors to overcome problems associated with the original set you are replacing. This is particularly important if your vehicle is used for competition.
Whatever the application-motorsport, performance, marine or family motoring, your engine’s performance will always benefit from a set of Magnecor ignition leads.

Why Choose Magnecor?

Fits into original holders

Increase in engine performance

10 year guarantee

Will outlast the life of the engine

Design overcomes problems found in original leads

Price Lists

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