Kelford Cams are situated in the city of Christchurch which is on the South Island of New Zealand. We are a world class camshaft company, specializing in design and manufacture of high performance camshafts for the motor racing industry.

Custom one off camshafts have been Kelford Cams specialty since 1968 so if you need one cam or one thousand camshafts, we can help you achieve your desired performance expectations.

Co-ordSport are authorised dealers of Kelford camshafts. If you would like a quote for a camshaft or would like to become a dealer of Kelford Cams, contact us today.

New Race Cams

Kelford Cams have been producing high quality racing camshafts since 1968 but it is only in the last seven years that we have been operating with ultra modern design systems and CNC grinding machinery.
Their new racing camshafts are among the best available anywhere in the world and are found in many record breaking race engines in all forms of motorsport. Whether it be professional or amateur racing, we have the will to win and we will do our best to help our customers win.

Kelford Cams Valve Springs

Kelford know the importance of a properly engineered valve-train system in a competition engine, so they make sure that the valve springs they recommend are suited to your application and our camshafts. They measure valve train weights and match required valve spring pressures to the valve lift curve, analyse valve spring frequency and use Fourier analysis to determine spring / cam suitability. Basically Kelford Cams go the extra mile by investing in modern technology to supply proper solutions to racers that use their products.

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