Julle Racing Update October 2021

Julle Racing’s Part-Box sponsored driver, Kevin Pedersen has been incredibly busy recently, participating in races around Europe and gaining valuable experience as a part of various teams.

After being part of the team but just missing out on a chance to get on the track for two semi-finals in Gdansk, Poland, Kevin and the team fell short in the Danish Super League semi-final in Grindsted. The race marked the end of an impressive debut season for Kevin in the league and we hope the team will be competing in the finals next year.

In the Swedish Allsvenskan, Kevin and the team have enjoyed great success with Kevin thriving on the home track and looking forward to a continued collaboration with the team in Norrköping.

Kevin also traveled to Hungary with the national team for the Best Pair semi-final, racing with Mads Hansen and qualifying for the final where there were no medals. Following an injury in the U23 national team, Kevin stepped up with two strong heats and helped the team advance to the final where they clinched the bronze medal.

As the 2021 season approaches its end, Kevin is already deep in contract negotiations in Denmark, Sweden and Poland and we wish him the best of luck in his preparation for the upcoming season.

You can follow Julle Racing’s progress on Facebook or on their website.

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