HKS Break FWD Record At Tsukuba Circuit In Japan

Yesterday HKS broke the FWD record at Tsukuba Circuit in Japan, using their TRB-04 Suzuki Swift.


At present they use a 500PS Evo engine, whilst the Suzuki original 1.4 engine is under development.


They believe they can make the car even faster with the Suzuki engine, when developed and tested, as it’s 100Kgs lighter than the Evo engine!


HKS Suzuki Swift sport parts can be found here:


Here is an announcement from HKS themselves:


We recorded a time of 56’308 on Tuesday November 20, 2018,Details will be announced later. In addition, we commemorated the HKS TRB-04 Tsukuba Circuit COURSE 2000 FF vehicle’s best time update,

“TRB-04 Memorial Sticker” will be presented to customers who purchase Swift Sports items from 1st December to 28th, 2018! (in Japan)


More info from HKS Here:


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