First look at Cusco’s crazy 2JZ powered Toyota Yaris GR


The little Toyota Yaris GR has barely hit the showrooms and people are already going crazy for it. Our friends over at Cusco Japan, who we’ve been dealing with for over 20 years, and who are good friends with Toyota Motorsports Division, have got their hands on the little Yaris GR, and their plans for this car are absolutely bonkers! Bonkers, but admirable!

In today’s world of engine downsizing, a little 1.6L 3 cylinder engine that puts out a very impressive 260bhp is still not enough when you’re thinking about joining a Japanese drift series. Despite this being the most powerful 3 cylinder engine in the world, it’s no match for the famous 2JZ engine developed by Toyota in the early ’90s. Why am I comparing, or even mentioning the 2JZ engine in this article? As you may already have guessed from the title, Cusco’s Yaris GR is powered by 2JZ-GTE engine out of a MK4 Supra, and Rear Wheel Drive.

Cusco have also built a MK5 A90 Supra to compete in the D1 Championship and that is also powered by the same stroked 3.4L straight 6, 2JZ engine. However, that was expected, as they have been very public about such plans, right from when the new Supra arrived last year. That being said, almost nobody anticipated the little Rally homologation model, Yaris GR, to be converted from AWD to RWD and used as a drift car!

We don’t know much about the car yet, but the elephant in the room is obviously the Pandem sponsored wide body kit; followed by the Fujitsubo exhaust, Enkei wheels, Winmax brakes, Bride bucket seats, Moty’s racing engine oil and something quite rare.. Dunlop Tyres seem to be sponsoring this car all the way in Japan. Suspension parts are supplied by Cusco, as that’s what they do best. This Yaris GR is putting out an insane 900PS thanks to its 2JZ 3.4L HKS stroker engine with CGC single turbo & electric throttle, all managed by a LINK ECU. Transmission is a SADEV 6-speed sequential, with a SIKKY quick change differential, incorporating a Cusco LSD and utilising R35 GT-R drive shafts. Whilst the steering rack came from Toyota JZX100 platform.

Lots of custom work had to be done to achieve this much camber and steering lock.

The other thing we know about this car, is its driver. A rally driver and drifter Arisa Mizuhara. You can check her out on her Instagram page here.


More to follow. Stay tuned!

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