Danish Speedway Rider qualified for this year's U21 World Cup Series (SGP2).

Here is a word direct from our young Star:

Hi all my faithful sponsors… !!!

Now it has dawned on me that I have qualified for this year’s U21 World Cup Series (SGP2).

It’s wonderful when one of your biggest dreams comes true, and you need to know that you all have a big part in making it the success.

After a very long and expensive trip to Daugavpils, the whole team was determined to do everything necessary to reach the goal.

During the 2 x 2min training I tested both my bikes with different setups as the track was very hard and slippery.

I decided to go with the old bike that did not have the strongest engine as there was way too much wheel spin from the start and around the track.

I’m glad I did that, because we hit everything right from the start and I had more grip in the track than everyone else and it was contributing to me being able to win all my 5 heats and to win the race and move on to SGP2. ?


Now we are planning the three extra races that have been included in the calendar, they will run in the same weekends as the other Grand Prix races.


It will be great to be a part of this huge setup, and the great TV coverage that comes with it, and I hope that I can promote you in the best way.

My faithful English Sponsor Co-Ordsport / PART-BOX has already expressed that they would like to support me in connection with the race in Cardiff, so if any of you have the opportunity for an extra contribution or want to travel with us to some of the races I really like to hear from you…. ?

I will Race again tomorrow in the Speedway league, where we will meet Esbjerg at Korskroen, and on Friday I am invited to Sweden for a big race at my home track in Norrköping.

Hope you can feel my joy and that we see each other on the tracks soon… ?

Kevin #196

Julle Racing

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