Exedy’s business includes the development, fabrication, assembly and sale of clutch discs and covers for manual clutches. In addition to a wealth of accumulated technology they have also pioneered a world-class sports clutch range and a new range for agricultural vehicles.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Clutches

The Normal Series is for severe driving conditions such as production car racing, rallying, dirt trial and gym khana. Make the best selection, either Sports or Racing, depending on the usage.

Hyper Single Clutches

Exedy Hyper Single clutches are a next generation sports clutch design. A compact and lightweight clutch, designed to achieve high clamp load while maintaining easy drivability, which cannot be obtained from a genuine standard or reinforced clutches.

Hyper Twin and Hyper Triple Clutches

From high power tuned drag race to street usage, the Exedy multi plate is capable of handling a variety of motorsport applications.

Carbon Hyper Single/Twin/Triple Clutches

The Hyper Carbon is the ultimate in clutch technology. Designed and manufactured for the pinnacle of motorsport, F1. Carbon clutch technology is now available for street and track use. The Hyper Carbon system delivers easy and comfortable clutch operation in performance vehicles.

Choosing an Exedy Clutch

Please use the images below to help you choose between the different clutches offered by Exedy. Choosing a clutch really depends on what you expect from it. High performance can come with a trade-off in ease of use. Our sales team are extremely knowledgable, so contact us if you need more help. Just let us know the details of your car and where it will be used mostly.


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Exedy Clutch Types Exedy Clutch Types Exedy Clutch Types Exedy Clutch Types

Exedy Clutches for Subaru Impreza

To help you choose the correct Exedy clutch kit for your Impreza, we have a downloadable PDF sheet, which lists the correct kit (along with prices) for the different models and variations.

Price List

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