DZX wheel spacers – by KW.

Whilst on product training at KW Automotive in Fichtenberg, Germany, we were introduced to their relatively new range of ST DZX wheel spacers, which are so simple & cost effective, it makes you wonder why no other company has never introduced this before.

It’s simple really… you take a universal multi PCD spacer shim (Whichever size you require, 4-hole / 5-hole and ranging from 5mm up to 25mm per side), and then you take the suitable centre bore adapter which fits tightly inside the spacer. Centre bores available for nearly every single vehicle worldwide.

We recently ordered a set suitable for Mitsubishi Evo 9, and we’re very impressed at the quality!



Step 1 – Take the required size universal spacer shim. (In our case, 15mm per side).



Step 2 – Take the required centre bore adapter. (In our case, 67.1mm centre bore)



Step 3 – Fit centre bore adapters into wheel spacers. As you can see on the second picture above, there is a machined lip inside the wheel spacer, for the centre bore adapters to clip in to, to ensure a nice tight fitment.






Wheel studs, bolts and nuts are also available to order, if required also.

We look forward to doing more with these wheel spacers, we’re very confident in the quality, and just how effective they are!

For pricing / availability, or any more information, please give us a call on 0121 661 6263.

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