Dodson Motorsport are world leaders in aftermarket dual clutch transmission components for high end and performance vehicles.

From origins in motorsport tuning, fabrication and development, they now offer a wide range of transmission upgrades for high performance and high-end vehicles. Dodson comprehensively road and track test the products we offer using our own fleet of vehicles that includes high performance offerings from Nissan, Mitsubishi, Porsche, VW, BMW and Audi. Dodson’s products for Nissan’s GTR, for example, are regularly tested in racing environments to ensure their reliability and durability exceed both manufacturer standards and the expectations of customers. Dodson never release a product until it has been through this rigorous regime of on-road and track testing and our staff are totally satisfied with its performance. The specialised team also carries out custom transmission projects and special developments for clients around the world. Dodson Motorsport was established in 2000 by Glenn Cupit, a qualified automotive engineer, and Harry Dodson of Dodson Autospares and now operates a solid Management, R&D, Marketing and technician Teams totalling a staff of 17 to deploy its product range globally.

Harry Dodson is the fourth generation of the Dodson family to enter the automotive professions. He started in the automotive parts business 35 years ago, established his own parts company seven years later, and has never looked back. A long-standing passion for motorsport and high performance fuels his passion for all things automotive. Between them, Glenn and Harry have amassed over an impressive 65 years of experience in the automotive field. Dodson Motorsport’s origins in racing has helped develop all its products. After building a name for high quality, high performance motorsport fabrication and tuning work, the company expanded in 2007 to meet a need for high end road car transmission upgrades with the development of dual clutch transmission components.

Countless hours of CAD design, thorough and meticulous construction paired with exhaustive track testing in real-world situations is the company’s winning formula. Dodson Motorsport is now the world leader in aftermarket dual clutch development for high output cars. It components reduce heat and improve power delivery, grip, output and reliability.

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