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Here at Co-ordSport we have been distributing Cusco parts throughout the UK and Europe for over 15 years. Without a doubt they are one of our prestigious brands. Based in Takasaki, Japan, the mission of Cusco is to provide the highest quality and most comfortable products for the market.

Cusco are world-renowned for their brilliant records and history in Gymkhana, rallying, track racing and dirty trials. Their experience in motorsport has a huge impact on the products they manufacturer and deliver across the world. All Cusco products are developed, tested and perfect on the track… the perfect laboratory! The months of developing over the years has seen a huge increase in the confidence for street use. The majority of Cusco branded products are now ideal for Street/fast road use, while the corporate side ‘CARROSSER’ stick with Motorsports.

Cusco Rally Car

Cusco’s main product range consists of Coilover Kits, Limited Slip Differentials, Clutch Systems, GT Wings, Anti-Sway Bars, Strut Bars, Pillow Balls, Suspension Arms, Lower Arms, Roll Cages and various other items.

You’ll find Cusco cover the majority of Japanese ‘sports’ cars. Typical applications in our market are the GT86/BRZ, Impreza WRX STi, Civic Type-R, Supra, Nissan S13, S14, Silvia, Nissan Skylines, Mazda MX5’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s 1-10, Suzuki Swifts and many more…

Cusco suspension are one of the
premier suspension tuners in the World. They have extensive experience in GT, Formula, and World Rally Events. They design not only suspension and chassis components, but engine tuning, spoilers, intake systems and chassis under reinforcements.

For the Subaru enthusiast, they offers a wide variety of components to complement and enhance the performance of your vehicle. They draw on their extensive experience racing Subaru Impreza WRXs in Japanese GT Races and World Rally Championship races. With such experience, They will remain as one of the top tuners in the world for Japanese vehicles.

Cusco Chassis Reinforcement (Strut Braces & Chassis Bars)

There’s a huge range of chassis reinforcement parts to minimise the amount of roll experienced when cornering, as well as improve the stability of vehicle and increase the effectiveness of the suspension. Just some examples are anti-roll bars, strut braces, power braces and more for a large range of applications including Impreza, Evo, Toyota and Honda cars.

Cusco Roll Cages

Rollcages are available in steel (Safety 21) or chromoly (D1 Rollcage) material and are 100% bolt-in. These rollcages may comply with certain FIA sanctioned races. They are designed to protect the occupants during a vehicle roll-over. The chassis also becomes significantly rigid to promote better handling characteristics. Full FIA WRC weld-in cages are also available.
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Cusco Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs)

Fitting a Cusco LSD will help you put more power to the ground when you drive. With an LSD, the vehicle becomes more stable and controllable, making it safer. This will decrease lap times, no matter what skill level you are. An LSD is an absolutely essential item from beginners to professionals when there is aggressive driving involved.
Cusco offer 3 types of LSD to suit your driving style. All types include Cusco LSD oil to help lubricate the parts and improve their longevity.

is the most popular type, the Type RS does makes virtually no snapping noises during normal turns. This LSD system wears down very slowly, and is known for its long lasting qualities. As soon as the throttle is pressed, the LSD system can be felt, operating like it’s supposed to.

The Type-MZ LSD, is simpler compared to the Type-RS, the pricing is a lot easier on the wallet as well. This model is a must for those who want to customize the sensitivity of their LSD.

Pro-Adjust LSD is recommended towards motor sports enthusiasts and shop owners. Although the Type MZ and Type RS can be changed to 1.5 or 2 way by switching the internals, the sensitivity of the Pro Adjust LSD can be changed in very precise and in small increments. Enabling the LSD to be changed according to the race track characteristics.

Cusco Coilover Kits

In early 2017, Cusco superceded their famous ‘Zero’ suspension and released the new Cusco Sport.

Cusco Sport Logos
The new coilover series come armed with the all new Blue springs. A new optimized supple design to reduce an abrupt springing up speed bumps at high speeds. High strength, durability and stable spring rate tolerance. By the setting/prestressing process, drastically improves resistance performance and will keep a stable spring rate even under harsh motorsport.

“What Cusco Suspension Do I need?”

Zero 3 > Sport-R > Competition suspension designed for vehicles equipped with race compound tires.
Zero 3S > Sport-S > The high performance sport suspension designed for street and circuit.
Zero 3X > Sport-X > Enhanced competition suspension with 3 way x 24 steps full adjustment.
Zero 3G > Sport-G > The real competition damper kit, designed for Gymkhana, Gravel & Tarmac Rally.
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