Cusco Large Capacity Toyota Diff Covers

After recently installing a new LSD to the JZX90 Toyota Chaser, we noticed some similarities with the Toyota GT86 Differential.

Upon further investigation, we found the Cusco Large Capacity Differential Cover to be a direct replacement for the factory Diff Cover on the Toyota Chaser.

This is great news for anyone using the Toyota A0 Family of Toyota Differentials for Motorsport use.

(Although it’s worth noting, not all Toyota A0 Differentials have the same mounting positions on the Cover!)

The benefits of using this Aluminium Billet Cover, are that you can now increase your Diffs Oil capacity to 1.7l, giving a much better cooling efficiency than the factory Cover.

Machining on this Billet Piece, has been carried out with improved heat dissipation in mind and features heat Sink fins, to increase the surface area of the cover and to allow better heat dispersal.

Additionally, it incorporates an internal Oil control baffle, to help reduce any Oil Surge from lateral G-Forces and twin M16x1.5 Ports to allow the use an external Oil Cooler, should it be needed. The Covers are available in 2x colour options, Silver (965008AS) or in Cusco‘s Classic Blue (965008AL)

These Covers are a must for anyone using high Grip Tyres, or applications where the Differential will see significant Temperature increases, such as Drifting and Endurance Racing.

Both are available to order on our Webstore, Part-Box.Com

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