CSCC – New Initiative for 2020

Classic Sports Car Club competitors will be given the opportunity to donate £10 to the Woodlands Trust during the 2020 season, when they enter races. Their donations will be put towards an acre of woodland dedicated to the CSCC.

CSCC are not going to discuss the dreaded term Carbon Offset, nor will they pretend that planting an Oak will suck up the emissions an average race car produces, but they are going to make it easy for competitors to donate to a tree planting scheme if they wish.

Trees are pleasant to walk among, provide shelter and homes for wildlife, look great, produce oxygen, make nice pieces of furniture, break up noise outlive us all and even provide the odd part for a car! Trees are just part of the reason that being at Cadwell Park is different from being at Silverstone.

Competitors, when entering each race, will be given the opportunity of donating a fixed amount of money to the Woodlands Trust. The fund will be put towards buying a dedicated acre at a time (£2000) in woodland chosen at various parts of the UK.

Let’s think of the squirrels people, or maybe an old Morgan!

Co-ordSport are proud supporters of a CSCC Series – Tin Tops

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