Cross the Channel with a GTR

Recently we had a visit from Wouter who heads our office is The Netherlands, He bought along a Photographer from the website – magazine. This was an arranged visit due to Maz from HKS making an appearance at Co-ordSport for some product training. Follow the link below to read he write up with some amazing photos.


Crossing the Channel with a GTR

18 April 2014

“Every time I step into a new adventure I’m wondering what the final result will be of what I’ve captured and how close it comes to my satisfaction. Usually I have some sort of a plan because my regular work for Wangan Warriors is fairly limited to car features or event coverage. I can tell you that it gets easier every time I’m going out there shooting but I was a little insecure about the adventure I had lying in front of me. Purely how I would approach it photographically.”

Click here to view the full Article 

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