Coordsport / Part-Box GT86 meet 30.07.17

How did it all happen, you may ask?

After being active on the GT86 Driver’s club forum for only about a week, I received a message from the regional organiser. He asked me if Coordsport is interested in hosting their next meet, and me being me, always up for something new, I agreed to it. So, you can imagine that I kind of fell in to it by accident, because the original plan was to be active on the forum, and provide people with great deals on the products we sell for GT86 & BRZs. Shortly after I became a member on the forum, I managed to get my hands on this opportunity and I simply could not miss out on it.

A decent amount of talking, discussing and planning went down during the next couple of weeks, and here we are, lined up outside our UK Headquarters with my stock-ish black ZN6, Paul’s fully caged, stripped and track ready sprint MK2 Fiesta and the “main” attraction of the meet, super-charged Cosworth GT86. Getting the Cosworth GT86 was one my biggest concerns as the person who drives the 86 daily was on holiday, so, as you can imagine it was a bit challenging, but we managed it. Few days after we got a green flag for the car, we drove to Cosworth in Northampton to pick up the car.

I’m not going to lie, the Cosworth GT86 doesn’t look anything special in my opinion, but you have to appreciate it for what it is, and you can’t fully appreciate it until you get behind the wheel of this car. That being said, the drive back to Tipton was very entertaining, mainly because I don’t get to drive bumper to bumper behind another GT86 very often.

As you can imagine, our beautiful English weather wouldn’t allow us to have clean cars, so as soon as we got back, I had to wash them. The preparation for this was very poor on my behalf, I started washing the car, and the only thing I completely forgot about were microfibre cloths. So the freshly washed Cossie 86 was dripping in the warehouse until Sunday.

Sunday morning was a busy one for me, I had to pick the display products, think of the layout of our tables and prepare everything so it’s somewhat presentable. The meet was supposed to be from 10AM to 1PM, but people started turning up at half past 9, and didn’t leave until half past 2! That is a huge success, because this was our first GT86 meet and we certainly did not expect people to like this much. Drinks and BBQ played their role as well, chilled out atmosphere is a must when it comes to car meets! Everybody seemed very nice and chatty, and that’s exactly how it should be.

We managed to sell some products, but mainly we got to meet fellow 86 enthusiasts. Good relations are the base of everything.

After seeing their cars, you can really notice the massive aftermarket support for these cars, and considering they are only 5 years old at most, it’s really good! The variety of mods, little details and personal preferences was incredible.

I think it was a good meet for everybody there, and we can’t wait to see you again next year, and hopefully it will be even bigger!


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