Co-ordSport Ltd are very proud to announce that we are the Sole Authorised COBB Tuning Distributor in Europe for all their access ports, hard parts and accessories.

COBB Tuning, known by the tagline “Access The Potential” is an American company providing aftermarket automobile tuning services. Founded in 1999 by Trey Cobb at Rockwall, they are now headquartered at Austin, Texas.

COBB focus on European brands such as BMW, Porsche and VW, also Japanese manufacturers such as Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan. They are specialized in modifying mechanical components like turbo kits, exhaust system and suspension to electronic parts and ECU management. COBB hit the market strong using one of the first hand held units (Accessport) to access the cars performance potential.

AccessPORT, a handheld ECU programming device which connected to OBD-II port on cars, launched in 2004 is their most popular product because it is the first one to crack Nissan GT-R’s ECU code that was said as “untuneable”. They also develop a software for engine tuning, AccessTUNER which is available in two variants: Race and Pro. The Pro version is available only to COBB approved shops and tuners. The enthusiast ‘Race’ version is available to the end user only after they pass a series of tests issued by COBB and third party organisations to deem the end user competent enough to begin editing their ECU’s parameters.

Are you interested in becoming a COBB dealer?

COBB allows Dealers to view the most up to date products and prices from our Dealer Website. The Products Page will allow you to search our entire product catalog and allow you to filter the catalog based on various criteria.

The COBB Tuning dealer website gives Dealers the ability to:

  • View the COBB product catalog and your wholesale pricing, product specs, inventory available, descriptions, product images and more.
  • Download single OTS Maps or select and download multiple OTS Maps via a .zip file. – Easy access to Protuner resources, ATP training, programs, policies and more.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest product releases, dealer promotions, webinars, announcements and more.

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