Co-ordSport’s commitment to being green in Motorsport!


The world of motorsport racing is wonderful – it breeds excitement, innovation and of course, speed. It grips millions of people across the globe every week with adrenaline fuelled action and we love it.

Yet as great as it is, the industry itself is hardly a blessing for Mother Nature and the planet.


At Co-ordSport we’re very aware and conscious of this and as a company working within the motorsport industry we are committed to find every possible way we can to support in protecting the planet, changing how we do things and working to reduce our carbon footprint.

Here are a few ways we are trying to do our bit…

 1. Solar panel energy


If you search for us on Google maps, you will notice an array of solar panels sunning themselves on the roof of our warehouse. We installed these seven years ago and they GENERATE POWER for us every day.



We also use a Tesla Powerwall that stores this energy until it is needed, limiting our overall energy waste. The EXCESS POWER we do not need then goes to the National Grid for others to use.



We know this is being well received and used!

2. Paperless offices

We are working hard to transform Co-ordSport into a fully PAPERLESS business. We currently use electronic documents wherever possible and are always looking for new ways to reduce the amount of paper we use onsite.


For instance, we invested in a shredder that recycles cardboard waste and allows us to RECYCLE this to be used as packing material.

Same goes to literally any paper we use and no longer needed in our offices, also being shredded, and again used as packing material.



3.  Electric car for day to day use

We Love cars of course, we love fast cars even more, but we also know for our daily routine electric cars can serve us perfectly. Within the Group we have our first ELECTRIC VEHICLE, with a Tesla on the fleet.



Our team constantly ensures their day to day tasks within the office and warehouse supports our commitment to being a green company.

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