Co-ordSport continue their support for young rising Speedway star in Denmark

In 2018 Co-ordSport will continue to support the young rising star of Speedway, Kevin Pedersen of Denmark.

Kevin turned 16 in September 2017 and will be the youngest rider in the 500cc class in 2018.

The plan for 2018 is a training trip to Germany in March, so Kevin can get used to the new, much more powerful bike (previously he was racing an 85cc machine). Until then he will work out in the fitness center and on his mountain bike.

He will be racing for The Holdsted Tigers team, in 7 Team matches and is planning 6-10 individual races in Denmark and Germany



The bike is a Jawa frame and has a GM 500cc engine and was previously owned by Michael Jepsen Jensen ( Li´Glad ), one of the best in the world. ( U21 World champ in 2012 )

It has 73HP and weighs 77 Kg . It uses a dry clutch and no brakes or gears. It runs on 100% methanol and is extremely fast…

We are confident that Kevin will have a successful season, whilst carrying the logos on his machine and equipment. Co-ordSport enjoys to support young competitors and motorsports in general, giving something back to the sport from which we have gained so much, over our 28 year history.

You can follow the team on Facebook at Julle Racing or on their website:


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