Bridgeway are planning to make Titanium rods for the Suzuki M-series engines, to allow higher revs. Although, we’re not sure how many UK owners would be willing to pay for them!

The Ti-rods are made for top level applications, BW’s 2JZ Ti-rods are tested in the United States, and very successful! The Honda Ti-rod is under development, while the Hayabusa Ti-rod was just finished, and our Suzuki M Ti-rod will be done shortly. As you may know BW’s client in Australia keeps world record of RB, they plan on developing RB Ti-rod as well.

The Ti-rod is very expensive in the past, we would like to have them more affordable, and very reliable of course.

• For Naturally Aspirated engines, Ti-rod is going to feature light weight for extreme high rpm;
• For Forced Induction engines, Ti-rod is going to feature a little bit soft material to reduce rod bearing pressure with extreme big boost, but much longer life than Aluminum rod.

Back to Hayabusa, BW’s cranks are very successful currently. All APE billet Hayabusa cranks are made by BW, and it keeps world record now. For some reason, BW are looking for more partner to promote their rods. They are very interested in working together with any top tuners for testing and developing. The current design is in the middle application for testing, we can work for unique design for NA and/or Turbo applications when they have more engine data.

Link of our 2JZ Ti-rod –

Link of APE Hayabusa crank –

By the way, BW have various Ford\Mazda, Cosworth, and new Ford Ecoboost rods available, if you are interested in them, just ask Co-ordSport, as European Distributor.

Also here are some more details of the latest versions, as follows –

Engine model: Suzuki Hayabusa GSX R-1300
BW part number: T4-EPR-037-02
Material: Ti-6Al-4V
Special designed I-beam for titanium rod, to make sure of better strength
C-to-C length: 119.50mm
Big end bore: 41.00mm
Pin Dia.: 20mm
Bigend width: 20.972mm
Pin width: 20.972mm
Total Weight = 300grams, approx. 30% less than steel rod

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