About Bride Seats

We are the special car seat manufacturing company of an automobile racing sport. By making the seat full of comfort and safety, our vision is for the new creation of a sense of value on the sports seat. We have in total 80 items for the BRIDE bucket seat right now. And the exclusive seat rail is for over 800 vehicle types. Of course, these are all conformed to the safety standard and are proud of the spec. more than the genuine seat.
We BRIDE make “satisfaction to the customer ” the first management policy, and value the information from the request which has been given by the customer. For example, the other color variation that is not on the catalogue, or the seat that is not on the available list. We try to answer many customers.”

Technology For Safety

“The technology for safety is gathered on the BRIDE seat and it was the first FIA official-recognition acquisition in Japan. Had many crash test to see the strength and to raise the shock ability on each BRIDE bucket seat. These were tested many times because it is important to have a safe driving seat which will be protecting the driver and the passenger.”

Price List

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